• Tools for Everyday Business Tasks

    Businesses benefit from our full-featured web apps by streamlining processes, increasing flexibility, and enhancing communication. Our web apps can be used for a variety of purposes. These purposes are totally driven by your needs, not the software's. Use these web apps to create a complete infrastructure or use a la carte. Regardless of your business size or industry - you can benefit from WorkStraight.

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    Made for everyday business tasks for software developers, startups, project teams, sales reps, customer support reps, law offices, construction and general contractions, and more
  • From projects
    to service calls, track and manage your work efficiently

    Work Orders empowers users to manage their workflow by creating clear lines of responsibility and communication. Work Orders excels at tracking tasks, serving as a work ticket system, managing projects, and much more. Give clients and vendors access and get on the same page. Work Orders is perfect for a wide variety of tasks.

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  • A better way
    for your team to communicate

    Notes introduces a secure, traceable alternative to traditional communication. Your messages will display every person who can read it; not only the people you've sent it to, but those who received the message from others. Every note created is tagged by a unique id which makes for an easy reference. Give clients and vendors access to Notes and keep communication on task. Also, it works great for private note-taking too.

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  • Accept payments
    anywhere, at anytime

    POS Terminal allows you to accept credit card and cash payments. This app was specifically developed to work with multiple card processors to give you options. Securely process card transactions using POS Terminal plus an account with Stripe or Authorize.Net. Also, track sales, manage products, view customers, create coupons, process refunds and much more.

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  • Staying on top
    of appointments and events just got easier

    Calendar is a app every organization can use. Along with the traditional calendar options you are familiar with, Calendar explicitly displays who is expected at the meeting and who isn't. This helps to avoid surprises and mix-ups within your organization. Whether you are simply creating a reminder for yourself or organizing a meeting, this full-featured app will meet your needs

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  • Infinite possibilities online business operations software

    Everyday Business

  • manage and create work orders, service order management, project team management, create support tickets, custom ticket numbers, dispatch technicians, maintenance workers, software developers, development teams, secure small business communications

    Work Order Management

  • Cloud based team communications, app for business messaging, secure email alternative, send attachments online, share files securely, receive new notifications, cloud-based software app, secure web apps for teams

    Communicate with Notes

  • point of sale software, pos terminal, accept in person payments, integrate stripe, stripe api, authorize.net api, secure business operations


  • online calendar web app, create and receive new appointments, receive reminder emails of events, share files with attendees, software for everyday business tasks

    Calendar Reminders

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  • Manage time and appointments effectively
  • Enhance team-wide communication
  • Increase individual accountability
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